This Martha's Vineyard Fishing Report page is intended to provide information relating to current catch reports around the island. The majority of the information comes from first hand experience primarily from my daily charter boat activity as well as from other captains. Intel from beach reports is also included when it is shared.

General fishing hot spots, fishing techniques, tackle, etc. will be included but for more specific information I strongly encourage you to contact me.


The fish have arrived. Very good fishing for nice size bluefish and the usual size stripers. The manner of fishing doesn't matter. Fly fishing, casting, and trolling all produce fish. Knowing the hot spots is your best bet for a great day on the water.


Our charter season has begun. Early season fish are hungry but still small. The bigger fish and the number of species will improve over the next week or so. Currently having fun using top water lures with spinning rods for the stripers. A few bluefish are around but right now it means being in the right spot at the right time. 


Another fishing season is just a week or so away. The first stripers should show up on the southern part of the island any day. Bluefish should join them in a month. The beach wagon is loaded with equipment for trout and stripers. Have spent several weeks prepping and upgrading the charter boat for launch. Many changes made to improve customer comfort and safety. Most of the fishing gear is new this year and ready for the fish. All indications are that this will be a very busy year on the island. Summer home rentals are way up and charter fishing bookings are showing the same increase. Bring on the fish and it's time to start the show!


This crazy Covid 19 2020 fishing season is over. The boat has been hauled for the winter and repairs as well as improvements have begun. New equipment has been received and is ready for use. I would evaluate the season as good to very good. The catch numbers were better than last year. Hopefully this is a positive trend that we can experience next year. 


It's been a crazy year. The Covid 19 pandemic created an unpredictable situation on the Vineyard. A number of early vacation cancellations were stoked by constant dire announcements and regulations. While the final visitor numbers haven't been tabulated, it appears that the Vineyard economy may not have suffered as much as many others. However it seems obvious that the restaurant industry took it by far the hardest. 

Overall the fishing was reasonably good. More bluefish this year but another year of small stripers. Keepers were few. We are now in the MV Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Due to the poor striper stocks the striped bass category was removed from the contest. Still some large bonito, bluefish and false albacore are being recorded. 


The state has opened the 2020 charter fishing season for the Vineyard effective today. Social distancing regulations apply. Face coverings apply for the captain and passengers. There is an exception for family members. Striped bass are arriving with the size and numbers increasing daily. Bluefish should be here also. 

My boat has been launched and is ready for action. Contact me for bookings and we will go out have some fun.


It's getting to be time for spring striper season. They should be hitting the south shore of the island any day now. Bluefish generally arrive during the first week or so in May. 

Positive Covid 19 reports appear to be quite small compared to many other Massachusetts locations. We should be seeing the return to limited activity shortly. Consequently, I am fully prepared to launch the boat and begin the charter fishing season as soon as the green flag waves. Hoping for a good year.


It's species transition time . The stripers have temporarily slacked off until mid to late September when the southern migration ramps up. Replacing them we now have false albacore joining the rocket ship Atlantic Bonito that have been here for the past few weeks. Bluefish should continue to get bigger in time for the annual M.V. Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby set to begin mid September and continuing into mid October. It's getting to be an exciting time to be on the water.


Still many stripers being caught along with a few bluefish. Black Sea Bass are starting to show up in numbers with some really large ones leading the pack. Additionally Atlantic Bonito have started to arrive providing some incredible action on light tackle. The bonito are early so we are hoping that it is an indication of a great season for the super speedy bones. 


Spring striper fishing gets better every day with good numbers and larger fish being caught. During one prospecting trip we were hooking up fish every 5-10 minutes. There was good bird action indicating a lot of surface bait.


Spring is here along with the first signs of stripers and squid. Put my first striper on the beach today. Now it's time to work on catching the first bluefish. Squid should be arriving in the harbor any day and I will start giving them a shot as well. Tuesday the boat is launched and I will be ready for business. GAME ON!!


The Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby begins today. Approximately 5 weeks of around the clock fishing competition targeting striped bass, bluefish, bonito, and false albacore. Good luck to everyone. Better luck to me. Haha! Wouldn't mind winning a new truck.


Fishing continues to improve. Lately the popular catch is Atlantic bonito. A very strong and exciting fighting fish that is similar to tuna in taste raw and grilled. The REAL BONUS is the sudden and completely unexpected arrival of mahi-mahi a fish normally found far offshore. I boated one on Friday and two more were reported yesterday. My understanding is that they have never been found this close to the Vineyard.


Striper fishing has slowed mostly due to the warmer water temperatures. Black Sea Bass have shown up in numbers providing consistent action. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of bonito. They should be here any day. 


Striper fishing has been improving daily. Nearly all of the fish caught while trolling are "keeper" size. There is a lot of good fishing using spinning tackle. The fish are feeding aggressively in the rip lines and they are hitting top water plugs as well as soft baits and squid flies. These fish are a little smaller but "keepers" are in the mix.


Very good day on the water yesterday. Stripers have begun showing up in better numbers. Keepers are mixed in with the schoolies and they are feeding. I used some swimming lures but I am sure that they would have hit top water plugs as well.  I did not boat any bluefish but frankly I wasn't looking for them. There are some nice ones being caught though. Fishing should continue to get better and better as the weeks progress into July.



The first striped bass have appeared off the south side of the island. There are also reports that they have been seen chasing the herring in the herring runs. Surf fishing from the beach with a light surf rod equipped with a 1 oz. lead headed jig with a rubber tail attached is generally productive. I like to add a white or green clouser about 20" above the jig. This setup often produces double hook ups. These fish are primarily schoolies but occasional keepers can be had.


Nice large rainbow, tiger and brown trout have been stocked in the local ponds. Catch rate has been very good. Schoolie stripers should appear off the beach on or before the 4/15.